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Alan Brackett Interview - *NEW!* an extensive interview with Don't miss this one!

Barbara Robison - Her story

Jim Voigt - A biography

Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Original 1968 article from Discoscene magazine

Barbara Robison and Jim Voigt - Personal remembrances from a old friend of theirs-- essential reading!

Alan Brackett - BMI songwriting credits

John Merrill - BMI songwriting credits

Lance Baker Fent - link to Green Man Records' home page-- you can purchase his two solo CDs there

Ralph Schuckett - All Music Guide listing of his credits

Peanut Butter Conspiracy - All Music Guide entry

Ashes - All Music Guide entry



Arthur Lee & Love - info and tour dates for the amazing Arthur Lee

Association - the Association Admiration Aggregation; official home page of the original Association

Beach Boys - unofficial fan site for America's Band

Buffalo Springfield - official home page for one of L.A.'s finest rock groups

Byrds - Byrdwatcher page; filled with facts and info on the fabulous Byrds

Clear Light - unofficial home page for this great psych band-- featuring future PBC-ers Ralph Schuckett and Michael Ney (Stevens)

Curt Boettcher - unofficial home page for the gifted L.A. producer/ songwriter/ musician

Dennis Wilson - unofficial home page for the Real Beach Boy

Doors - official home page

Frank Zappa - official web site for Frank

Fred Cole/ The Lollipop Shoppe - info on this garage rocker and "Angels from Hell" contributor

Gary Usher - web site dedicated to the early work of the future PBC producer

Grateful Dead - official web site

Jefferson Airplane - official web site

Kaleidoscope - unofficial home page for this eclectic psych group that featured David Lindley

Mamas & the Papas - Creeque Alley; informative fan site

Monkees - Psycho Jello; a fab fan site for the Pre-Fab Four

Music Machine - official home page of Sean Bonniwell and the Music Machine

Randy California & Spirit - official home page of these quintessential L.A. psych/ jazz fusionists

Strawberry Alarm Clock - official home page for this great psychedelic rock group

Stu Phillips - official home page for the talented composer and PBC collaborator

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - info on this far-out psychedelic rock band from L.A.



PsYcHeDeLiC MuSiC - lots of info on psych from around the world

Psychedelicatessen - tons of groovy links

Lama Reviews - mountains of info on obscure and overlooked psych groups

Hammond Guthrie - Great first person narrative of the First L.A. Love-In at Elysian Fields, Easter 1967 - contains info on many hard to find psych compilations

All But Forgotten Oldies - has a brief PBC bio

ARTIST direct Network - some general info on the PBC


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