Spreading from the Ashes

A collection of rare and unreleased recordings from the Peanut Butter Conspiracy and the Ashes

Out now on Big Beat Records UK


Track Listing:

1 Time Is After You
2 Love's Last Ground*
3 Is There Anything I Can Do? [The Ashes]
4 Eventually*
5 Dark on You Now [The Ashes]
6 The Winds Up High [The Ashes]*
7 Free*
8 Big Bummer
9 Light Bulb Blues*
10 Let's Take Our Love [The Ashes]*
11 Enchanted World *

12 I'm Falling*
13 Flight of the Psychedelic Bumble Bee*
14 Foolhearted Woman*
15 Shirley Can You Come Out and Play?*
16 1-9-6-7
17 So Lonely [The Ashes]*
18 Floating Dream
19 Shuffle Tune*
20 Moment of Happiness*
21 Hangman [The Ashes]*
22 Roses Gone [The Ashes]
23 Make Someone Happy*
24 Naturally (Wintry Ways)*
25 Taste of Something New*
26 You Should Know (live)*

* = unissued

all songs by the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, unless otherwise indicated


pbc 2fer reissue

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading/ The Great Conspiracy (Collectables COL-6096)

Rel. 2000| Produced by Gary Usher

Contains both LPs in their entirety, plus three bonus tracks: both sides of the "I'm a Fool"/ "It's So Hard" 45, as well as the previously unreleased demo "Peter Pan".

I'm A Fool
for children reissue

For Children of All Ages (Collectables COL- 0529)

Rel. 1996 | Produced by Advance Productions & Alan Brackett

Includes the original ten tracks, plus seven never before heard bonus songs incl. "Return Home", "Good Feeling", "You're Not Getting into It", "Show You the Way", "Simple Things", "Stayin' Inside Kind of Day" and "Try".

Return Home


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