is spreading

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading (Columbia CS 9454)

Rel. 03/67 | Produced by Gary Usher

It's a Happening Thing (Brackett)| Then Came Love (Merrill)| Twice Is Life (Merrill) | Second Hand Man (Dalton)| You Can't Be Found (Brackett) | Why Did I Get So High? (Brackett) | Dark on You Now (Merrill) | The Marketplace (Fent) | You Should Know (Merrill) | The Most Up 'til Now (Brackett) | You Took Too Much (Merrill)

great conspiracy

The Great Conspiracy (Columbia CS 9590)

Rel. 12/67 | Produced by Gary Usher

Turn on a Friend [to the Good Life] (Brackett) | Lonely Leaf (Merrill) | Pleasure (Merrill) | Too Many Do (Brackett) | Living, Loving Life (Brackett) | Invasion of the Poppy People (Merrill) | Captain Sandwich (Merrill) | Living Dream (Brackett) | Ecstacy (Merrill) | Time Is After You (Brackett) | Wonderment (Merrill)

for children

For Children of All Ages (Challenge 2000)

Rel. 1969 | Produced by Advance Productions & Alan Brackett

Now (Brackett) | Loudness of Your Silence (Jones/ Monda) | It's Alright (Brackett) | What Did I Do Wrong? (Brackett) | Out in the Cold Again (Colley/ Monda) | Back in L.A. (Brackett) | Gonna Get You Home (Brackett) | Have a Little Faith (Brackett) | Try Again (Brackett) | Think (Brackett)



Rel. 2014

Roses Gone | Get Out of My Dreams | Shuffle Tune | Return Home | Step Aside | I Miss You | Good Feelin' | It Comes and Goes With The Wind | True Believers | Foolhearted Woman | Love Came So Easy | Come A Little Closer


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