"The Crossing Guards" outside the Sea Witch on Sunset Blvd. - 1966 (copyright Everett Hayes, Jr.)

L to R: Alan Brackett, Lance Fent, John Merrill, Jim Voigt


First PBC promotional photo - 1967 (copyright Bob Preston)

L to R: Barbara Robison, John Merrill, Jim Voigt, Lance Fent, Alan Brackett


Fender promo ad - 1967

L to R: Lance Fent, Barbara Robison, Alan Brackett, Jim Voigt, Jim Merrill


From the back cover of THE GREAT CONSPIRACY (Columbia CS 9590) - 1967

L to R: John Merrill, Alan Brackett, Barbara Robison, Bill Wolff, Jim Voigt


Promotional photo - ca. 1967 (copyright CBS)

L to R: John Merrill, Bill Wolff, Barbara Robison, Jim Voigt, Alan Brackett


Press sheet - 1968 (copyright APA)

Bottom Left Clockwise: Bill Wolff, John Merrill, Barbara Robison, Alan Brackett, Jim Voigt


Barbara, Alan & John recording "I'm a Fool" - 1968


John Merrill and Scott Robison (Barbara's son) at the grand piano at Columbia Studios - ca. 1968


Postcard from the PBC's manager Billy James, stating:

"the Peanut Butter Conspiracy does not advocate converting the nation's radio listeners into a bunch of dope fiends."





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